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Gozo Innovation Hub:
A Blend of Heritage and Modern Business Solutions

Project Overview
At MED, we are proud to showcase the Gozo Innovation Hub, a landmark project on the fringes of Gozo's Xewkija Industrial Estate. This venture, a testament to our commitment to integrating heritage with cutting-edge business infrastructure, was realised with substantial investment, including co-financing from the European Union. The Gozo Innovation Hub, a brainchild of our innovative design and strategic planning, encompasses two primary buildings: the newly erected Business Centre block and the expertly revitalised Administration block, linked by a modernised covered walkway and encircling a vibrant courtyard designed for a multitude of events.

Honouring the Past
The Business Centre block, replacing the former Malta Dairy Milk Processing Plant, is a tribute to its historical predecessor while embracing contemporary architectural practices. In this endeavour, MED meticulously preserved the original plant's rectangular silhouette, including the iconic northwest wall with its unique concrete canopies. This development respectfully encompasses a protected Modernist edifice, originally conceived in the 1950s.
Our restoration efforts at the Administration block ensured the conservation of the structure’s original essence, finishes, and apertures. We paid homage to Huntingford's visionary design, which featured local elements like a concave façade, inspired by Malta's ancient temple facades, and utilised distinctive materials to craft an architectural masterpiece.

Modern Business Spaces
MED's architectural expertise is further exemplified in the design of the Business Centre block. Spanning two floors with a total area of 9,000 square metres, the block offers flexible open-plan business units, ranging from 85 to 270 square metres, with options for customisation to suit diverse business needs. Addressing environmental sustainability, the building is equipped with innovative vertical louvres that regulate solar radiation, a testament to MED's commitment to eco-friendly design. The northern façade features a communal terrace that elegantly sits atop the underground car park's entrance, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Cost of Project


Size:<br>9,000 sqm

9,000 sqm



Award:<br>Winner of 2020 MASP's Award<br>for Sustainability

Winner of 2020 MASP's Award
for Sustainability


The Gozo Innovation Hub
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