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A Retirement Oasis
of Comfort for Our Elderly

Project Overview
In the tranquil environment of Buskett, a Natura 2000 site in Malta, a new Old People's Home is emerging, designed to offer a secure and comforting retreat for our elderly. This thoughtful project, located in an area of ecological significance, aims to provide a nurturing space for 180 residents across four floors, balancing environmental considerations with modern care needs.

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Modernity
Our approach involved the sensitive demolition of existing structures, paving the way for a facility that respects its natural surroundings. With meticulous planning and structural work, we are preserving the integrity of the site while introducing modern amenities. The project entails excavation, consolidation, and careful integration of new structures with the existing heritage, ensuring a harmonious blend with the Natura 2000 site.

Comprehensive Care and Amenities
At its core, this project is a testament to the respect and consideration we hold for our elderly residents. Doctor and nursing offices, together with a comprehensive medical and pharmacy center, are conveniently located on every floor, ensuring that residents have easy access to healthcare services. To enrich their daily lives, we've included TV rooms and entertainment spaces on each floor. A dementia-enclosed dedicated garden at level -1 provides a tranquil outdoor space for residents with specific needs.

Holistic Healing and Relaxation
In line with our commitment to holistic care, we've introduced a therapeutic pool and an internal yard, creating serene and healing environments. The day lounge and enclosed veranda offer a comfortable space for relaxation and interaction. A well-appointed hairdressing facility ensures that residents have access to essential grooming services.

Cost of Project


Size:<br>1,740 sqm

1,740 sqm

Status:<br>On Going

On Going






The Buskett Forest
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