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Our Expertise

Our Mission

The vision to realise... 

To provide a client-friendly and efficient service by means of implementing projects in partnership with clients, providing functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions based on modern technology in full respect to the environment, and ensuring that projects are built as designed, within budget, and to a high standard of workmanship.

Our Expertise
Our Expertise

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Our Process

Where Vision Meets

In the dynamic world of construction and development, understanding the specific requisites for each application type is pivotal to ensuring a seamless submission process. This is where MED, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, comes to your aid. At MED, we give the same attention to all our projects irrespective of their size and scale. We do this because we understand that even small projects are of importance to whoever is promoting them irrespective of their cost.

Our Managed, Engineered Approach to Design

We design our projects using the integrated design approach. This involves getting all the various professionals engaged in the project from its inception, including the planning, consultants, architects, structural engineers, building services, engineers, and interior designers. The project is led by one of our senior architects whose task would be that of coordinating the project team.

Let's delve into the essence of our approach by summarising the key points from our process.

Our Process
Our Process
Planning Process

Simplifying the Process

At various stages, one might require the input of other specialized consultants, such as restoration, architects, or landscape architects.

The various stages of the design process are usually bound with strict deadlines to ensure that the whole process is carried out in an efficient manner.

Our Expertise

Navigating the Planning Labyrinth

Once the planning application is submitted, the project architect will monitor the progress of the application through the planning process. This is important because throughout the planning process the Planning Authority. may request further information and sometimes even specific studies. This information must be submitted in a timely manner to avoid delays in the planning process.

On the approval of the planning application, one needs to submit documentation to the Building Construction Authority to obtain the permit to commence works on site. The documentation required by the Building Construction Authority might be quite voluminous, depending on the complexity of the project.

At this stage (after the issue of the planning permit) Med Design appoints, a senior structural engineer, to be responsible for the design of the structure and for the supervision of works.

Prior to the start of works the developer must appoint various experts to assist in the execution of the works, including a project supervisor (health and safety officer), the site manager, as well as a site technical officer. All these experts are required, according to current building regulations.

Throughout the whole construction process Med Design would and endeavour to ensure that the building is constructed according to the approved drawings and specifications.

If requested Med Design can also provide project management services to ensure that works are carried out according to the approved program with Works, and within the agreed budget.

Our Expertise

Experience the MED Advantage:
Your Vision, Our Expertise,
Simplified Planning

Our process is painstakingly crafted to harmonise with the unique demands of the corresponding planning application type. This structured approach not only expedites the Planning Authority's review process but also augments the likelihood of a successful application.

At MED, we possess a profound understanding of the nuances of planning applications in Malta. Our 40+ years of experience in the industry have honed our expertise, making us the trusted partner to bring your vision to life. Our mission is to simplify your journey from concept to approval, enabling you to manifest your vision while ensuring unwavering compliance with pertinent regulations and standards. 

Ready to take the next step? Contact one of our experts to book a meeting, get more information, or discuss how our Managed and Engineered Design can help you navigate the planning application process with confidence. 

We are MED, and we are here to make your vision a reality.


Our Expertise
Our Expertise